the time for diggy diggy hole to make an ironic comeback has come

@scribblefrog @laurie @citrustwee I just saw a comment on the video and I wish I'd thought of it:
🎶I am an elf and I'm hugging a tree
Huggy Huggy Tree.
Huggy Huggy Tree.🎶

@Gargron i used to watch the shadow of israfel or whatever it was called and that one other series with sips and sjin or whatever their names were. the tekkit one

@citrustwee Holy shit you might be the only person on here who remembers that time when Gimli blew the horn

@citrustwee I used to watch that stuff every morning before leaving for high school, and then before leaving for uni...

@Gargron i used to watch a ton of thesyndicateproject's "the minecraft project". that shit was so epic

@citrustwee @Gargron big money, big women, big fun

i used to be a big yogscast fan too, i loved the yogpod

@Gargron @citrustwee the uh tekkit red matter bomb is still honestly one of my favourite Gaming Youtube Moments™

@Gargron @citrustwee oh no FUCK it was voltz please shame me for misremembering my mods

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