@citrustwee @realmaxkeeble I mean to be fair they're usually just called caribou.

I'll come to your defense on this one at least. In high school, one of the English teachers learned that narwhals are real during my senior year

I'm both shocked but jealous you're still getting hits of childlike wonder at finding out somethings real. Gimme some of that :P

@citrustwee lmaooo did you think reindeer was just a santa thing? i love this eve

@citrustwee @em just gonna throw this out there: kangaroos are also real

@citrustwee @em quick name some animals you believe to be fictional

@nuttgodd @realmaxkeeble @em unbelievable. you fucking moron nutt. cant believe someone would think something like this

@citrustwee Yeah???? I mean I can understand the reindeer thing but Narwhals are awesome and like super real

@citrustwee eve whAt the fuck are they teaching you over there

@pbandkate i took 3 years of biology and i sucked ass at it. after that i could pick what classes i wanted to follow and i didnt pick biology

@citrustwee i mean tbh I don’t think they covered the existence of narwhals in our bio classes either

@citrustwee @pbandkate biology is like, what's inside of a cell and stuff, it's not just learning a list of all the animals that are real

@lennie @citrustwee i would enjoy a class that is just a list of animals that are real though

@citrustwee the three kinds of animals: dog, cat, made up

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