why is this bangin harder on twitter than on masto what the hell

here's the template that i made with fem pronouns btw xoxo

@citrustwee queen u need to make a video of u saying it, then the smosh shut up voice after

@citrustwee @toilet I just googled it and watched a video. fuck this shit

@healyn @citrustwee I have trouble thinking they're still popular—but that wouldn't remotely be the strangest offering of the internet

I'll have you know that I'm aware of smosh as a thing that exists, but that's about it.

[cries in Boomer]

@toilet @citrustwee masto boomer here i only know what smosh is a little bit

and yeah

@bee you are rejecting my message because i am telling the truth

@citrustwee also dont tell me its some age based shit because i'm only like twenty days older than you lm fao

@er1n erin how do you NOT KNOW WHAT SMOSH IS??? holy shit

@er1n have you ever watched even ONE youtube video before, like, 2014..

@citrustwee not really, our internet barely worked and i wasn't allowed to do a bunch of things online bc parents

@citrustwee i didn't really watch much youtube until i was 14 or 15. before then i just was either not interested or afraid of getting told off lol

@er1n ahhh ok that explains. they were practically iconic and the face of the internet between like.. 2008 and 2012, making comedic videos, usually parodying stuff.. look up "pokemon in real life". its totally stuff you'd love if you were 12 but yeah that might help you understand the joke lmao

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