whoa... this was my first post that got a lot of attention. i think it ended up getting, like, 300 boosts or something? i think i even made it on like my first day on mastodon or something. maybe my second one

loling at the fact that i actually did an introduction post

this one got like 30 boosts and i was wildin out over it like that was never gonna happen again LOL

@citrustwee damn way to lord it over us small accounts with you're big numbers...

@garfiald fuck off garfield you only caught up with me because of the tumblr people only joining .social. get the hell out of my sight. begone

@citrustwee @pikachu eve just jealous cause i overtook her like it was nothing

@garfiald fuck you garf you know damn well 300 of those are back on tumblr

@citrustwee i did not know that quote toots post existed and im so pissed off at past you for that opinion

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