@citrustwee this reminds me of the Discopocalypse thread...

@citrustwee @Gargron yeah idk they should still all have the same border-radius for consistency. all circles, all rounded rectangles, all square. whatever

@citrustwee wanna see something dumb? run your mouse over your avi but don't click. it becomes a rounded square.

@citrustwee reason number ∞ why modern web design is dumb and makes no sense

@radicalrobit @citrustwee well I guess it's to signify that clicking it does something. Much like how text underlines if you hover over it and it's a clickable URL.

@ben @radicalrobit @citrustwee True, that's why I use mastodon without any JS or CSS whatsoever giving me the purest non-fucky experience.

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