you think you've had a horrible experience on this site? come talk to me when you've had literally 100+ people post the same message, which is this: "hey guys it's @citrustwee's birthday can i get some boosts"

YOU πŸ‘ ARE πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ FUNNY πŸ‘

cant wait til some fucker does this now again Ironically, because That's Funny

@citrustwee you didnt boost me on my birthday fuck you

@girl literally since the start of the birthday bit the only birthdays i boosted were cujo's and eugen's

@citrustwee I think I said that in, like, August

can't believe people are still makin that same joke in the Year of our Lord 2019,,

@jacethechicken jace. you were fucking late with it as well. you were one of the people that did that bullshit

@jacethechicken ok. fuck. maybe you're right. did i really start the birthday bit that early. hold on let me check

@citrustwee that's still a lot better than the 629th, especially considering that most jokes get made several times independently in the Mastodon Hive Mind

@citrustwee come talk to me when you've had literally 1 girl post the same message 100 times, which is this: "hey guys it's my birthday can i get some boosts"

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