hey guys. it's my birthday. i don't want boosts. just watch this.

@citrustwee this is what it's all been leading up to and it's so fucking worth it 😭

@citrustwee this is the first time i have peered upon the glorious visage of @Gargron

@citrustwee I think this makes you ruler of the internet, or mastodon, or some shit.

@citrustwee this is so fucking good eve! Happy birthday!

@citrustwee soo cute what! i miss out on all the rad as heck things lmao

@citrustwee was this done by the deep state disco? i think i got kicked off there for never actually talking and only lurking lol

@root it was!!! lmao if u just send one message a month u wont get kicked! i can send u an invite again if u want 😎

@citrustwee ooo i didnt know there was a rule on that lol i never feel like i can contribute anything useful so i never do anythbing but emoji respond lmao

@root omg lmao elle people in there just like talkin to u!! otherwise u wouldn't be in there. don't worry if it ain't useful. i just bullshit all the time 😎

@citrustwee This is absolutely amazing :heart_parrot: :heart_parrot: :heart_parrot:

And happy birthday!!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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