i fuckin knew this was gonna bang. im upset that not a single german beerdrinking masto.social metalhead has arrived in my menchies though

Eve I have friends who would have killed you for saying this

@lynnesbian said it a million times before and ill say it again. ska is just reggae nightcore, and reggae is just ska vaporwave

@citrustwee 18 boosts, 3 favourites means "I hate this but it's true".

@citrustwee Hahahaha there is even a metalstep album out there somewhere.

@citrustwee This is a bad take and I've asked the mods to tempban you for it.

@citrustwee some of the best music of 2018 is at the intersection of #metal and #dubstep. Check out #SullivanKing if you haven't already!


This reminds me of an old quote:

There are two kinds of guitarists. Those who are inspired by Jimi Hendrix and those who lie.
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