every second of my life i am passing the bechdel test

@citrustwee it is impossible for me to pass the bechdel test...

@citrustwee lmao thank you queen. glad to see your enjoying your birthday. you only get to try all these things for the first time once!!! savour that shit

@citrustwee I'd like to take a mathematical approach to understanding the meaning of this post. The bechdel test concerns feminine speech in a movie. You say that "every moment of my life" passes it, so every moment of your life is a movie. This can be represented as real number line, where every single point is a movie, with speech, passing. The line must be contiguous or else it would conflict with lemma 1: "every moment of my life", so we can deduce that you must actually be constantly fucking screaming from birth until death. Thanks for glistening to my TED talk.

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