why is THIS one out of everything i have posted on here "THE BAD ONE"???????

i didnt even make this!!! why is everyone freaking the fuck out about this one but not all the other fucking terrible posts i have. >:(

reply to a very very very very cursed image, re: lewd but in a bad way, old meme Show more

@dirt thank you queen. i'll be waiting for the next one in about a month or so

@mari i never cw shit like this. what the hell. these people know what to expect from me

@citrustwee Eve, this is fucking cursed but, the reactions to it make it damn good. so overall it's a net πŸ‘

@citrustwee lol good post would read everyone being mad but not quite able to say why again

@citrustwee he might be one hell of a detective, but I don’t think Pikachu can get to the bottom of this one.

@killeveryhetero why are people boosting this. i am not active on my knzk at all rightn ow what the fuck

Have you ever heard that voice in the back of your head, that tells you that somethings are not ok to share?

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