OK fine. you guys wanted feet pics. here you go 😏😏 20$ for 10 more, DM me for my paypal💕

this went SERIOUSLY underappreciated it's so good

will you fuckers boost this now that im 18????? its one of my best fucking posts

@citrustwee didnt warn me about the vore/giantess/homer aspect of it and 👏that👏 is 👏valid 👏

@citrustwee Wow, Homer is fully engulfing your feet. What a foot whore he is.

@DMX dave. it is not a bad picture. if you want i can explain it to you

@citrustwee I swear to God this post gave me reason to live

@citrustwee the eyes look like 1950s boobs, kinda pointy and looking away from each other by about 35 degrees

@citrustwee why did you make this Simpsons vore in front of me and jesus

@citrustwee I'll give you ten dollars for the slippers and that's my final offer

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