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hey guys. it's my birthday. i don't want boosts. just watch this.

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every second of my life i am passing the bechdel test

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hey sorry if this sounds creepy but i think your teeth would taste like lego candy and id like to bite them all off by the roots and chew them up. i think u would look good without teeth, like a cute little body modification so it would be ok. Again sorry if this sounds creepy.

we should take away the right to vote from anime avis


right click the timestamp and copy link in order to get the permalink for a toot

and by this i mean the timestamp next to the boost/fav count on a focused toot, or the time-elapsed-since-posting in the upper right corner if its not

who here is a zoomer speak up now or risk having more than one finger stuck in your next smoothie cup lid

if youre under the age of 25 youre too young to be on the internet. go to the skate park or something smh

if you have ever even thought about america. Fuck you

Love to cyber bully youths on line

30 year olds be like haha just enjoying my wine on this fine friday afternoon

Animal Crossing is slowly returning my knowledge of the day and night cycle

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