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hey guys. it's my birthday. i don't want boosts. just watch this.

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every second of my life i am passing the bechdel test

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hey sorry if this sounds creepy but i think your teeth would taste like lego candy and id like to bite them all off by the roots and chew them up. i think u would look good without teeth, like a cute little body modification so it would be ok. Again sorry if this sounds creepy.

i tried joining some lesbian discord and it's just a bunch of 17 year old crackers that use "harry potter fan" and "lesbiab" as personality defining terms

My White Son Kayaking Video Must Watch Will He Stay Afloat??? [He Will]

i came here to pee and poop and cry for hours about being straight

we built this city
we built this city on cock and balls

alright im closin the damn debate tab and going 2 bed

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