the decision to execute Jesus seems cruel but what we don't understand is that at the time, Barabbas' mixtape was "straight fire", and without the technology to record the human voice, it was going to die with him

anyone else been getting little tracer lines in some of the text boxes on here i've been screwing with vivaldi : flags and dont know if its me or the world

how about a custom browser tab for pinned tabs my other selves have them but knzk is the same as social though i appreciate the black lettering in the post window dat helps

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are we back are we here are we queer and can we get used to it or are we going again im scared 4 eva , I WILL DIE THIS DAY !! war cry cant member the movie, hope i dont

yeah i can two instances open at the same time same browser excellent

why cant people just get along? sorry just got a memo across my desk 97% of people are dicks, will investigate further

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