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thats just how the coochie crumbles

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*finishes suckin a dick and crushes it against my skull like a beer can*

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eating ass is the only ethical consumption under capitalism


person who’s left handed: im left handed

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im so glad knzk is back so i can boost all of my wife @cheyenne 's toots again

the worst thing about being gen z is having millennial neo-boomers call our innocent memes nazi memes because some groyper avi with 12 followers tweeted it once

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why is there only one good instance and why is it

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this scotch and whiskey blend tastes fucking awful but will that stop me from drinking it? absolutely not

all i wanted for christmas was knzk back and i got my wish , never been more greatful

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*ashes cigarette*
knzk... it's been years since i've heard that name...

my babie knzk is back im sobbing tears of joy

technically speaking the label never says dogs can’t have poppers

someone that just followed me is only following me and all i have to say is i’m so sorry

technically speaking . balls are raviolis .

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how many of u would hate me if i changed instances again as long as it’s most of u i’ll do it

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