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after much thought, i present to you all: the patricia elizabeth nickname prism (the plism for short)

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*squaring up to fight my reflection* time to take out the trish

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day late and a dollar short but

Hey, I'm Tricia, a 30-something trans woman living in New Orleans but originally from the PNW. I'm a college dropout in the service industry. Only out to a few close friends and the Internet, but I'm working on it. I was a lurker on Twitter. Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Libra rising.

Secretly basic. I like crosswords and indie music (is that still a useful term? idk) and puns, sorry.

Are we mufos? Feel free to roast me. I can take it. (Mostly.)

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glad scipio season is over. tired of all these horny roman generals on the tl

@pig @byttyrs the worst part of that show is they never bring enough firepower to kill the house humanely with one shot

yeah i'm into fitness

fitness whole bee hive into my mouth

For my KNZK friends, here is a 1-day invite to jorts if you would like to join us here:

@byttyrs nice to meet you, literally everyone on House Hunters

unable to meet all my social needs at once because my social needs are "live within walking and public-transit distance of a city center in a converted bed-and-breakfast commune with all of my friends and at least one lover"


*removing a pair of Oakleys to reveal another pair of Oakleys under them while reaching towards belt* i demand to speak to your manager

the first rule of fight club is you gotta punch real good

Selfies / Gay girl looking directly at viewer. / Boosts +++ 

the jocker is feminist actually, his top henched man is a girl (harley quinn)

aggro selfie, eye contact 

Last August I wrote a little thing about cooking, and trans feels, and i think it still kinda holds up. Check it out if you want.

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