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after much thought, i present to you all: the patricia elizabeth nickname prism (the plism for short)

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getting nominated for a hugo award by the sad puppies for the story that was supposed to spark bikepunk culture

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*squaring up to fight my reflection* time to take out the trish

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day late and a dollar short but

Hey, I'm Tricia, a 30-something trans woman living in New Orleans but originally from the PNW. I'm a college dropout in the service industry. Only out to a few close friends and the Internet, but I'm working on it. I was a lurker on Twitter. Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, Libra rising.

Secretly basic. I like crosswords and indie music (is that still a useful term? idk) and puns, sorry.

Are we mufos? Feel free to roast me. I can take it. (Mostly.)

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@feminineforms @pisschrist @dirt that was pretty much my slime evolution during bofa. i'm the britta of mastodon

Hoping to borrow some of that @citrustwee birthday energy on the one day it applies to me. So boost away, y'all!

so glad we're back in time to boost this again

am i an anarchist you ask? what type of socialist am i? i'm, y'know, one of those *waves hand* those uhhh the ones that don't like catipalism

the different mastodon instances as emerging sects during the reformation

@burgin really wish i could remember Jeremiah's post

@jzs42069 high-fivin my bros and asking them if they ever jerked off to xenu

Jer, what the hell was i replying to with this one?

heck yeah cutie contacted me and we have a date pre-hair dye so now there's a pretty good chance they won't get intimidated and flake off later

if she was taller she'd be ariana venti

please mail all your cum tributes of me in care of the bear cave soup co.

my """sister""" """tweeted""" (whatever the fuck that is) about this, if you want to "retweet" (its like a boost or channel) this to your friends still on the godforsaken hellsite

rise and grind gamers let's conquer this bread

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