if eat saxophone, then become snacksophone

If you eat a saxophone it would become a snacksophone

My favorite pokemon game is g/s because you could have your pokemon follow you out of the ball.

Komaeda: You really gonna pirate Cinema4d and not use blender :/.. And I thought you were worthless... this is just pitiful...

Komaeda: As of 2018 Autodesk has acquired 69 different organizations.

Komeda AU but he tells you facts about 3d modelling.

ranting about canceled 2010s sitcoms is the only thing keeping me distracted from my gastral pains

Anyone else think that the whole concept of Shit My Dad Says was fucking crazy, like CBS just saw a popular twitter and went ":/ welp time to make this a sitcom with William Shatner".

Oh yea I also forgot Shit My Dad Says, Sit Down Shutup, Allen Gregory, Cleveland Show, Ben and Kate, Two Broke Girls, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Running Wilde, Surviving Jack, Traffic Light, and Weird Loners

Gamer Thrones is gonna be in one of those retrospective series for the 2010s and the more deserving shows like Dads and Rules Of Engagement won't even get the respect they deserve. WTFUCK

Yo I want to assemble a squad of people to play vrchat with once school ends so if anyone is down then dm me either on twitter or on discord Blix#9117

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