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When I was 16 I learned about Sylvia Plath and I really thought she like cooked her head to death like the heat killed her

Hard to keep track of all the different Bart Avis online

Sometimes lesbians online post pictures of a girl celeb wearing a suit or something and they say “SHES SO HOT” so as an act of allyship I think to myself “yes, she’s so hot I agree”

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@bigegg Most corporate game developers only care about making money, not sending a particular political message. They're non-committal about any message that deviates from their possible userbase as not to turn off anyone that would otherwise be willing to buy their games.

They're walking a tightrope between alienating people would buy it for themselves and getting slammed in the media, which would turn off the parents buying it for their kids, so that they can maximize their sales and profits.

Me and the guys are working on something big... it’s going to be a girl Jomny Sun. We are making a lot of progress.

@bigegg there is no way Naughty dog would have two hot men kissing in their trailer because market research shows them that while “woke” it’s also “gross” if they have girls kiss it’s “woke” and also “hot”

AAA game developers have done plenty of market research and have identified that a significant demographic of gamers are right wing and “anti PC” which these AAA developers would seek to distance themselves from as this is has become a “bad look” since about 2015 so they tactically introduce “progressive themes” into their media in a manner to seemingly distance themselves from this ideology but they do it gradually and non intrusively enough to not alienate their chauvinist base

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Tyler the Curator: yo where’s my follow back bruh

this NEW ARTIST is the FUTURE OF POP MUSIC and their music is the type of music that tires to sound exaclty like it came out in the EARLY 2000s

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yall think someone “lost” tom cruise’s stunt ass from valkyrie and turned it into a sex toy

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there’s too much snow outside to drive you need to stay and watch youtube strange mugshot compilations at home

imaagine megaman walking up to you and uppercutting you right in the chin as hard as he can

AOC’s feet are too cute for Congress... how are hardworking lawmakers expected to serve our country while being tempted my her feet?

im the only cute person on tinder this is

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