Every time I tie my shoes I think to myself god this is so humiliating

What’s this website all about what do you do on here

I’m just posting stuff on here that’s too gay to post on my twitter

I didn’t go to the house show tonight because I didn’t want to hang out wit those people and also because I hate myself

Florida project made me cry tears streaming down my face idk if a movie has made that happen to me before

The one pink neon font you guys use on here is so terrible it looks awful

sometimes i feel like the power user on her dont like me because I have made disagreeable and mean spirited posts in the past. But that was the old me

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yes im anprim. yes i love making my momther cry

I was on a tinder date the other day and she brought up alternate dimensions and I said I wanted to go to the alternate dimension where 6ix 9ine was a girl, which was a post I made once, and she seemed really uncomfortable by me saying that.

I have a big surprise for joe Biden

Listen. NEVER apologize for anything.

Anyone else been kind of depressed for like their whole life before

@evan i was i have no idea what it was that made me get suspended

i cant even make a new twitter account does someone want to give me an old twitter account

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