Kingdom hearts objectively sucks in all aspects, I don’t respect it and I don’t respect the fans. Garbage baby game for babies


@bigegg if you say you like it for the story you’re lying, the story is complete nonsense most of the time and the rest of the time it’s meaningless rehashing of shitty Disney films or like meaningless gibberish about friendship. Voice acting is terrible, awful. Art direction is bland and lifeless. The only appeal is like the goldfish brain dopamine you get when you see uhh sully from monsters inc and you start clapping your hands like a seal.

Gameplay sucks, even on expert difficulty you mash one button and it plays itself. But that’s fine cause the game is for babies. The whole franchise just goes to show that if you prey on people’s nostalgia and just show them images from their childhood they will blindly worship whatever you’re selling. There is nothing extraordinary or even good about this series other than the IP they got licensing for. It’s trash media. It’s the worst media

@bigegg hmm no i just like overly convoluted stories

@bigegg you coulda left it at the first post but this is kinda 4chan-tier ranting and extremely not it, king

@revpox why does 4chan have a monopoly on stupid rants. Idc

@bigegg i mean, pissing on a group of people doing virtually nothing to harm anyone is the kind of a take that fits in perfectly with /v/ or some other reactionary gamer hellhole. especially when KH fans are probably one of the most self-aware, self-resenting fanbases in a medium that is 99% bing-bing-ya-ha-hooey-let's-a-go dopamine injections to begin with :blobshrug:

@bigegg @bigegg hmmm... actually the best part of kingdom hearts is always the opening cinematics

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