This is probably the most instantly recognizable and most impactful typography in the entire country, proving that graphic design doesn't fucking exist and I am dumb as shit for studying it

@bigegg But it's not. It's just a loose collection of letters.

@cartagena yeah and no one realistically gives a shit as long as it looks presentable and their idol tells them it's good

@bigegg what's more recognizable is just the red baseball cap. people see the red hat and think trump and then try to figure out if it's a trump hat or not. more than a commentary on graphic design i think it's a commentary on how we make connections between colors/objects is socialized.

but also from a propaganda perspective it's pretty good design. it's simple, easily reproduced, and communicates both a real sentiment and a covert message of danger.

@GayNiffler the whole like ill fitting hat and kind of poorly tracked out like boring serif type kind of sells the whole "I am dumb as shit, I look stupid as hell and I am incredibly cruel" aesthetic

@bigegg yeah exactly. like, unlike the democrats, it knows what it's doing. trump's propaganda isn't like, ww2 buy war bonds propaganda. it's there to make him money and spread a message of hate. this is a successful piece of design because it does those two things and literally nothing else.

@bigegg I boosted this and then was like, "ugh I don't want anyone to see this fucking hat" so I unboosted it but it is a Good Post

@Pixley I always respect people un boosting my posts

@Pixley i nearly made this mistake because Yeah. it just elicits such a reaction despite looking so fuckin shitty. it's so haphazard! and so iconic!

it's great bc red hats make me do a double take, but red hats with white text? buddy you better believe i'm scrutinizing your shit

SORRY sports teams with red hats, you're on my watch list now,,

@aflightybroad my friend got me a "make baseball fun again" hat for my birthday in April 2016, I don't wear it out of the house anymore

@Pixley oh GOD

i remember seeing a dude last year who was SO proud of his "make america gay again" hat and it was just like, aw, jeez, dude, fuckin ... come on man. come on.

@Pixley it wasn't even a different color it was fuckin just ..... the red, the white, so much to think about and deal with

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