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I believe police officers should be killed. Does anyone else feel this way.

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watching werner herzog interviews and hearing him very solemnly say "throwing yourself into a cactus is not self destructive"

Second half of twin peaks season two is so bad

This subplot fucking sucks lynch has to be trolling

Watching fight videos 4:05 am I like when they say “sit your ass down”

the reason i dont post on here is while everyone on here is very kind and good the "culture" of this website is annoying, everyone says annoying things, is too horny and not very funny

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You might say, 2am is not the time to eat an egg. And I'll say, you are wrong

anyway i think there is definitely a case to be made for having one static difficulty and thats obviously what fromsoft is going for. its a huge part of their legacy and appeal so it seems to be working very well for them and i doubt they are going to change it

the funny part is like damn imagine a japanese game developer giving a shit what mad online americans want them to do with their game lmao. they will do literally whatever they want

i hate the dark souls easy mode discourse so fucking much dude f

The longer you stay on this website the worse your posts get

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whats what one psycho jazz album with a black and white picture of a guy who got shot on the front

is there any way to actually term search posts from yourself or another user

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