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They gave that Asian dude on twitter a check just for being an incel

I will never leave knzk, the consistently broken instance I arbitrarily chose a few moths ago. I will die before I leave.

Anyone else play god of war is is only my experience that this game sucks dick am I missing something. This game fucking sucks lol

I put dat pussy in a snarcofagus!

Man all I want to do is go on adventure with some girl I don’t like that I met on a dating app

hillary clinton died cuz she cried too much

cant wait until gen z kills all of the millenials

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@bigegg getting a ransom notes that a video of me rapping F**kin Problems in college will not be released if I pay 50 000 dollars.

hating jomny sun on twitter is a just continuation of when you fucking hated barney when you were in 4th grade but in both cases that is the correct reaction they both fucking suck

Screenshots of the 2015 Jomny Sun AAVE posts, printed on card stock and placed in a manilla envelope, discreetly handed off to a man in a suit in exchange for ten thousand dollars

my and my brother always doo doo

i am really afraid Ariel Pink is going to get me tooed he really seems like a fucking sex creep so I have to preemptively listen to him as much as i can now while it doesn't feel gross

Wendy's Corporate Doing AAVE on the TL this is crazy brother

now that i am in the dsa i am so less depressed it feels so good to help people and make the world better

my dad called my cat a "tard" luckily i filmed it and sent it to his boss so he got fired for ableism now we have no money venmo in bio

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