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Does anyone know of any good music dump channels, like the ones where they upload hundreds of soviet jazz albums or whatever

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@bigegg anyway my point is the very best thing for the left to be doing right now is rallying behind Bernie Sanders even though he’s not perfect or even good in some areas

Every time someone is like “uhh electoral politics is useless” like I don’t get it. How to you get to the revolution without first Like inoculating people to your ideas and electoral politics is pretty much the best way possible to do that

I’m goin g to kill president trump haha I’m kidding

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has promised to kill Donald Trump. The rest don’t even have a polices page on their web site

I like Bernie Sanders but I am having trouble coming to terms with the fact that women were harassed while campaigning for him in 2016. Sanders needs to make sure that never happens again. Also he is old an Jewish idk how I feel about that either

PSN is Bastacus please add me we can get the dub

Channeling my profound suffering into super mediocre posts and apex wins

Feeling pretty pessimistic about the world right now. No one talk to me. I’m too sad and None of you could possibly understand.

Kamala Harris is objectively a despicable human being who has devoted her entire life to destroying poor people’s lives for nothing, she is the absolute scum of the earth and for the next two years or more I’m going to read 80 posts and articles week about how wonderful she is and how everyone who doesn’t like her needs to ask themselves why they hate WOC. It’s going to be fucking terrible for everyone, it’s going to be so bad.

On this website I can say I’m going to shoot Joe Biden in the face with the Peacekeeper w/ Precision Choke and nothing happens to me

quit posting here and go on twitter

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I think the most radicalizing experience of my life was when I worked for a small plumbing company for a few months and had to spend a lot of time with my boss who had like ~3 million dollars. He was the worst person I have ever fucking met, and everyone with 1 millions dollars is exactly like him

Never called the things on here toots. They’re tweets they have always been tweets

I remember a few months ago I made a post that said no one in the world knew how to speak Chinese and someone made like 4 subtweets about it

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ah dunkey reviewed kingdom hearts 3, and the review is: its a bad game because its not a fash shootman game, he should just stop reviewing RPGs tbh

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