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Hey! Do you like JRPGs? Story-rich supernatural ones in a modernish Earthish setting with a heaping helping of comedy? Then you might like my game! There's a demo now!

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Anyway hello there knzk dot me, I draw stuff and write stuff and shitpost about games &c and sometimes make videos and build tiny rooms, and am currently working on my first game about a professional monster hunter whose day off gets ruined by rude critters.

Done with the cabinet and everything in and on it. Yes, everything is either black, white, or fluorescent and yes, this is going to get really interesting when I replace the supplied white LEDs with some of the fun ones I got from Adafruit the other day :D

The furniture will be in the same place and that's about it. I just printed off new wallpaper and a shit ton of miniaturized assorted punk posters and stickers. There is a tiny "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" poster. Blacklight LEDs are coming. I'm making a tiny guitar. It's gonna be great.

This is what the manufacturer intended the next kit I'm doing to look like. It will not look like this when I'm done with it. :sparkles_green:

aw yis just ordered a buttload of LEDs both plain white and Super Fancy from Adafruit for dollhousing reasons. mmm, slow fade rgb. mmmmmm blacklight.

Almost done with--hey, no. get out. go see Tom Nook. no I don't want ur bugs and fish. GTFO.

I got bit by the miniature bug again. Almost done w/this kit, just have a lamp & some misc. crap to put in and that's about it

I posted these on tungle dot hell and miraculously, tiddybot did not flag them

'ye ever wanty boot up a TM and learn Selfdestruct an blow yersel all up tae fuck

(spoiler: it's something called Palm Springs Chicken, so I kinda get where they got "plam" but the "shrip" is a mystery)

the economist: is Mastodon is a healthy alternative to facebook?

Mastodon users: 😬

I have been crylaughing about this for two days now and I don't know why so here, enjoy

feeling powerful. feeling like i could tell god to fuck off

actually don't scream at the creators either, just... find a hobby ffs

If you're that mad about canon take it up with the creators, don't scream at someone who wrote fanfic for the thing jfc

In related news: OTW can we have a block button please

Imagine being so mad about a canon couple you gather up a bunch of pals and scream into someone's moderation queue on AO3 about it for literally hours

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