@bb_almond srry I keep dipping out of here I honestly find using more than 2 socials at once exhausting lol

gonna start publicly shaming creeps on here, say hello to this guy

@bb_almond it’s scary and idk what I’m doing buuuut it seems like a good thing???

life update:
5 months into my first job and I’m leaving!!! I’ve been offered a role working in the Press Offices for one of the biggest modern art galleries outside of London!

@bb_almond think I’m gonna start hanging around on here again

my other ones are the exact same I s2g being autistic is so funny

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after all that, just had to block someone for going through my old media and liking all my lewd posts 🙃

there’s nothing good about mastodon being a horny free-for-all if people are uncomfortable, especially if we’re overlooking behaviours which could potentially be making vulnerable people feel bad. sorry to be a buzzkill but it’s the truth

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soooo excited to be going back to Liverpool today I could screm and I probably will

just to follow up, I don’t mean to speak for anyone, but I’ve been made uncomfortable on here and I’m assuming other people have as well. peoples feelings about sex and flirting change all the time too. e.g. I’m just realising that just bc I experience periods of hypersexual feelings/behaviour as a result of trauma, that doesn’t mean I’m not also somewhere on the spectrum of asexuality. so my thoughts and feelings do fluctuate. please communicate + don’t assume anything based on past behaviour

let’s not forget that a lot of ppl here are from marginalised communities & a lot of us also have a history of trauma/abuse - while some of u might be perfectly fine with overt flirting some of us are extremely uncomfortable with it, and this can change at any time so it’s always best to ask.

I dunno pals, something about “masto is twitter but horny” doesn’t cut it for me as an excuse for why people think they can say/do whatever they want when they find someone attractive. reign it the fuck in, esp towards those with whom you haven’t yet established boundaries. thx

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