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our babysitter today was like "ugh i broke my macbook charger cord and im really not looking forward to having to pay for a new one" so I grabbed my soldering iron and heatshrink tubing and taught her how to fix cords herself and packed up everything she'd need to do it at home later.

She did a few with me there to help, did awesome, and is super excited about fixing it on her own.

Does this count as #solarpunk ?

um, is it on the website creator or the user to decide whether links open in a new tab on single left click? cuz i get kind of irrationally mad when i click a link and it takes me away from the site i want to be on

hey pixel gradients are very soothing to make, here is a soft pink, peach and pale yellow one

my favorite model of feedback comes from Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process. it puts the artist/maker in the drivers seat and basically allows them to set the parameters for feedback. Here’s the process:

Step 1. Statements of Meaning
Responders state what was meaningful, evocative, interesting, exciting, and/or striking in the work they have just witnessed.


i am a supporter of the free market. i too think we should have a market where everything is free

political cartoons are the absolute worst of art and political opinion. they are like the precursors to memes, but they don't employ cleverness. just hamfisted comparisons, which are then LABELED just to ruin any chance the joke might be funny. even when they make a point i agree with. i'm so angry about this

If this gets 100 boosts I’ll wipe my work laptop and install Ubuntu

good news is my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore!!!

on my shit about lady gaga again. i feel a spiritual power in just a few artists, and she's got it

I post and boost a lot about Carly, but can I just sincerepost about Lady Gaga a little bit? Show more

guys please don't believe eugens lies. its MY birthday. you should be giving ME boosts. boost this toot right the fuck now

might start a journal or something. if i started writing again, i'd need to figure out what it is i have to say

i should learn how to write. writing has made me feel really happy before, but i look at it as a boring activity when i'm not actually doing it

My body needs to poop only at high traffic bathroom times, like the beginning of lunch or 10 minutes to closing

hbomb's stream: [important moment in history]
hbomb's donation ticker: a revolving door of messages like "DonkeyKongIsMyDad420 donated the sex number!!!!"

Real missions for my trans friends, trans missions for my mechanic friends.

"what's up?" i ask. "the sky." 20 voices respond in unison, from all sides. i am surrounded. i look up. i see it: the sky. i feel my body slowly grow lighter, the burden of an unanswered question lifting from my shoulders. i finally know what is up. it is the sky.

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