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boys line up on one wall and girls line up on the other and they talk amongst themselves about how one of them is totally going to go across the floor to ask for a dance but it never happens

I do not like how differently lewd and nude are spelled. They are written in the same spot in my brain, so the spellings of each overlap in a quantum superposition

meetings? waste of time. checking in? absolutely sucks. touching base?...ok now we're talkin

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When I see birds flying around, my initial reaction is to be jealous. But we all specialize in different things, so I just try to be happy for them that they get to fly. And then I feel really overjoyed that at least they are so lucky in that one aspect

@radicalrobit "a bunch of humans wrote this without even pausing to examine their own biases, but they added a "don't be racist" flag and set it to 1, so we're good"


that means a lot Louisa!! πŸ’œ that's how I feel, and I do hope it shows

I like how the reason "bear" means "brown" is because back when human settlements were small and fragile, people believed that if you said [the original word for bear], you'd summon a bear and it'd wreck everything.
So they'd be like "so, how about those... brown ones. you know what i'm talking about."
"You mean a [🐻]?"
"you'vE DOOMED us all!!!!!"

I miss the days when we thought we were privileged because our ancestors were nocturnal because dinosaurs ruled the world, immortality, loads of homophobia, racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, etc.

Mister sleepman
Bring me a sleep
Make it the sleepest
That I've ever sleeped

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