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Y'all better watch your step, I know it's annoy Squidward day and i'm not putting up with it

My friend and I are discussing the plausibility of Elsa running on the ocean as she does in the new trailer for Frozen 2. It has led us to a study on the ability for basilisk lizards to run on water, and the study had this gem in the conclusion.

The winter storm warning is in effect but it's just a bit too warm. It's snowing and raining at the same time and I've never seen that before

This is so stupid, but I was Jesus in the center there. I was about 17. But this picture started a whole meme of people posting group last supper photos on the Chive lmao

Recently did a Myspace scrape to recover as many pics as I could from highschool. This is as close to normal as they got

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The rose bush is still clinging on as of yesterday, but last night brought snow

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My lady cat hates to be pet against her will and we can never tell what mood she's in. Since we moved to this house, she has decided that the bathroom mat is her consent pad. When we go to pee, and she's in the mood, she lays there and we can pet her as much as we want. She wants us to go crazy and really rub her down :)

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