can I please just drive a lamborghini just once before either the revolution deems them too decadent or the climate change regulations make them illegal?


100% on board with those eventualities, just also, lambos are fuckin tight

@baronnarcveldt tbh same though i'd rather it be a ratted out fiero


I love this idea. pretty fast search and I can find a running one for only 5k. I mean, that's not nothing, but that plus modifications is much less than a lambo

@baronnarcveldt It's also a lot more scary at half the speed because Lambo doesn't do rear-wheel drive anymore.


very true. i think i can at least get into a half decent miata before electric cars are required 🀞 . but damn, that fiero looks nice

@baronnarcveldt Well, there's also the BMW i3. It's a hot-ish electric hatch with rear wheel drive. It's one gear and you get all the torque all the time. I'd bet that's pretty scary.

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