Turns out it wasn't worth the security benefits to shut all of the engineers out of every possible permission level, because someone from IT is basically spending all day typing administrator passwords into our computers to let us do our jobs

@baronnarcveldt Jesus that's rough. my work laptop has some crazy security spyware, but at least I'm an admin on the machine I guess


it's like our ceo is richard nixon. she basically thinks everyone else in the company is trying to fuck her over and steal all of the company's secrets and sell them to a competitor

@baronnarcveldt I understand the instinct, but there won't be any secrets to steal if people can't get shit done


yeah, and we all know the problem; she inherited the job from her dad, but she is an accountant by trade, not a businessperson. so she runs the company like a spreadsheet and treats her employees like data points


lol yeah. the ceo is super paranoid. she needs us to engineer low cost solutions, but won't let us see costs or prices Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

@baronnarcveldt that is really funny to me, a person who gets to set privileges because no one else here knows how to use a computer

@SanfordianPhil @baronnarcveldt true story, I once had to ask a coworker to stop looking at porn via remote desktop because it was getting logged, and could he please at least do it from his own desktop instead (stopping didn't seem to be on the table)

I lied when I said once, I actually had to ask the same guy twice

@pig @SanfordianPhil @baronnarcveldt I got fired at one job partially bc they decided I was lying when I said I could not program new custom database software for them

at minimum wage

I was a receptionist and had changed one (1) stick of RAM and was thus an expert coder I guess

@aflightybroad @pig @SanfordianPhil

what in the hell? i suppose all sufficiently advanced technology is indiscernible from magic. for some, that includes the range from installing RAM to coding databases. which... fair

@baronnarcveldt @pig @aflightybroad spending four weeks in an empty excel spreadsheet and looking for jobs on your phone

@baronnarcveldt @pig @SanfordianPhil she had me spend weeks looking for Solutions for the Business and making these detailed comparisons and recommendations and then rejecting every single one for arbitrary reasons, it ruled so hard

8.25 an hour

@pig @baronnarcveldt @SanfordianPhil she also wanted me to create marketing materials and bring in my laptop w the Adobe suite on it to do graphic design for them

for minimum wage. no insurance.

she ruled and I got a way better job soon after

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