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_______D_|________D DROP THE
__D______|___D____ BANJO!

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Pinned toot @evan each type of post is different. on a shitpost, you probably want boosts to know people think it's funny enough to share. on a selfie you just want "fave" validation. on a sincere post you want nothing but engaging replies

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Boost if you have dabbed at least once in 2019. Wether in complete secrecy or publicly.

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apple announced their own credit card and boy does that read like a joke headline

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@citrustwee @nuttgodd @dankwraith morrowind is the greatest game of all time this is the hill I have always known I would die on

the real reason I stopped being in the DSA is that someone had already claimed the nickname "comrade" as their own. I am looking for leftist spaces where I am the one known only as comrade

โ€œChaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both societyโ€™s restrictions and a do-gooderโ€™s zeal.โ€

I don't know why it's been almost a decade of the Joe Rogan podcast, and the mains power cable to his studio remains uncut every single day

My mom just sent me the creepiest reaction image and used it well enough in a conversation. I am dying. I'm dead

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of and if are the same word now. it will be easier on us all the sooner we accept it

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there's literally so many cute people on the planet earth

I regret to admit that I have been running on the assumption for like 3 years and that Chapo Trap House and Pod Save America were the same thing. sorry I guess

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