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no, you know what? I know there isn't a ton of use for pronouns in this medium (nobody talks about me, only to/with me) but I'd like to move to she/her until further notice, please

even just having you think of me as she/her would bring me tangential joy :sparkles_trans:

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When I see birds flying around, my initial reaction is to be jealous. But we all specialize in different things, so I just try to be happy for them that they get to fly. And then I feel really overjoyed that at least they are so lucky in that one aspect

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love too put on my headphones and forget to put on music for a few hours

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Failed miserably in my attempt to do a bathroom selfie.

My jeans are too tight to get my leg on the sink, the mirror is raised enough I couldn't get my shoes in frame anyway, and I was immediately barged in on while contorting so I couldn't hide what I was doing and just ran

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D&d posting:

For the last couple years, my wife has been such a great source of help when brainstorming adventure plots and little details. It's so nice when I need a little polish or when I'm completely stuck.

She came up with the idea of having a town that works like Omelas from that book by Ursula LeGuinn, and seeing what the players do with the premise (they rescued the kid and doomed the town lol)


Ah, I could do something productive this summer, but instead it seems I will just get back into nethack.

Why do I do this to myself? I mean, I know why but still.

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know what's no idea what's
goin on going on



I'm already on my way to the Tattoo shop to get Hube on my ass

if you don't understand a mastodon meme, just combine it with another you also don't understand

i was at a bar last night watching the Blazers game. one loud drunk dude was poppin' off about NBA players that believe in flat earth theory, and then some louder dude three tables away shouted "WELL, HAVE YOU SEEN THE EVIDENCE?!"

if you could travel back in time to describe this all to teenage-me, he'd never believe this shit. he would look at you like "that's unbelievable! are you telling me that i start caring about sports?"

what the fuck is hube i literally left for 5 minutes

twinks ๐Ÿค former performing
twink kasia

carly rae jepsen

son? is something wrong? oh... your post didnโ€™t get any likes or boosts... let me tell you something. when i first made my mastodon account, people ignored my creativity for months. just scrolled right on by. but you know what? i worked through it. i posted better every day until finally, people couldnโ€™t help but drop a fav or two on my profile, and then i just went from there... anyway, nothing to worry about. put the phone down for tonight and come along with me. momโ€™s got dinner waiting

aaa there's been carpenter bee activity in the bee house im so excited i hope it works okay for them when they are done~

Seen at my local mall, apparently done by a high schooler. Whoever did this, fantastic work.

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