have not eaten in the last 12 hours or slept in 20 abd i really got the urge to just destroy a thing of donuts but i dont feel like putting pants on

nsfw. uhh blood? Show more

friends are trying to move the gc from discord to some shit called matrix and it looks ????? i dont care if the government can see my shitposts why bother when half of the group wont make the jump

its time we bring him to mastodon. see untagfed porn on the local tl? safe for work sasuke. people bein little freaks? safe for work sasuke. daring to actually go to the cursed land that is the fed timeline? safe for work sasuke.

might fuck around and make a whole new online persona go viral start a brand set up an eshop sell underwear with a lil star drawn on the waistband for $30

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