liberals are so wild they'll look at the prison system and be like "wow how did we accidentally construct an elaborate private gulag system to incarcerate a huge portion of our population with no social benefits over the course of the last 50 years???? I guess if we vote for a Democrat they'll fix it, like every other Democrat did!!! Have you heard about my favorite pasty white savior politico?"

@annebrennan I feel the same way watching them looking bamboozled over why they can’t seem to indict 45 using the same system that brought him to power in the first place.

@annebrennan Wai too reel!

Fuck the establishment, throwing kids in cages & letting them starve, issuing felonies over victimless crimes and unjustly locking up millions of people in the USA.

Neither corporate owned party will fight for a better America, they're both owned by big business that seeks to ensure companies like the Geo Group profit off our pain.

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