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i just learned that amazon bought imdb 21 years ago

how did i not ever know this?!?

capitalists are weird. i worked for a capitalist once who ran a small business. he bought it from the founder, but he never seemed like he cared about it and the business basically squeaked by on breaking even.

later i learned that the actual scheme there was that he married into a rich family and his father-in-law wouldn't shower him with money, land and favors unless he was a bourgeois. so he got a loan, bought his boss out, and keeps it running just well enough to keep the lights on. weird

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

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I have been trying to get in touch with a psychiatrist but psychiatrists don't get back to me. that's nice. i didn't want to purchase your commodified services anyways, it's not like we live under capitalism and you're allegedly open for business

it's not like if i want a diagnosis anyone will listen to i need to purchase your services, nosiree no

it's just weird like i don't think i'm saying anything wrong they just don't get back to me

not gonna lie the number one reason i dislike the GNU Image Manipulation Program is that the acronym was picked to be a slur

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I'm ashamed of being bitter for such a small thing but ASCII art gaining such a traction again in popular social networks bothers me so much because (1) it never works with my accessibility settings and (2) I always struggle to understand what message people are trying to convey

I feel left out

I like how James Hansen quit his job as a NASA scientist so he could go fight climate change and apparently all that changed is now he wears those floppy old man fishing hats on his TV appearances and aggressively argues for a carbon tax

I'm using the word processor to write an essay which will be published as hypertext, so on-screen rendering while I write is actually most important to me

I need a WYSIWYG word processor for Linux which has decent kerning LibreOffice has failed me for the last time

Does anyone have any recommendations or do I need to install MS Office in WINE?

Colony hasn't taught me anything about colonization but it has taught me that Josh Holloway is a damn sexy man

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laugh all you want but the punishment for making fun of christians is becoming a character in a stephen king novel

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Watching Colony. Main impressions: basically seems to be late stage capitalism run by aliens. But there is a major improvement, midway through season 2 we learn the earth-shattering fact that under the alien colonizers, public transit is free

otherwise the story just seems to be a depiction of quotidian, late-stage capitalism

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