if you reply to my posts about taking care of human need with horseshit about overpopulation youre catching that block

i dont know about you but white people talking about how there are too many humans gives me the heebie jeebies


"we cant possibly produce enough food for everyone!" mate have you *seen* how much perfectly good food we throw out because "guh this went out of date yesterday"


@norikawa @dankwraith the amount that gets thrown out bc it's not pretty enough is extremely wild also; there's people who spend parts of their days just sorting out fruit and veg into categories of like, "can be sold in a supermarket vs should either be pureed or thrown out or something bc it's ugly"

Pureed, candied or any other form of long term food preservation is fine and should be encouraged. What's gross is that even damaged produces aren't even used for that.
@norikawa @dankwraith

@danishcookies @norikawa @dankwraith oh yeah i'm not anti-preservation by any means, it's good to use fruit as ingredients and it's def better than throwing it away

but just deciding "hmm no this is too ugly to be seen" is a super weird approach to a planet
that's what i meant

you're right in that stuff just being thrown away is way way worse

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