today i saw an american crow!

this should be the national bird until such time as we finally move beyond the concept of nations. crows are gregarious scavengers that like to hang out together and sometimes they like to fuck around and play.

one of the crows i saw today spotted a flock of pigeons putzing around on the ground, divebombed them so they all scattered, then immediately fucked off. remember being a kid and chasing pigeons around? crows are .


crows are very common, and, to a lot of people, a Huge Pest. thus the existence of scarecrows - to keep them away from crops and fields. some folks, through time, have seen them as bad omens or generally scary. people have tried all kinds of methods of exterminating them but, oops, they are Very common across the US, and are successful in cities & towns as well as ~the wilds.~

we are not smart enough to get rid of crows. this is good.



american crows plan, use tools, recognize humans and other crows, and can form interspecies friendships and partnerships. they like to play and goof around. along with only a few other species, they pass the mirror test - recognizing themselves in a mirror.

here's some crows playing in the snow:

and a video about tool use:

they're corvids, related to jays, magpies, ravens, and ... other types of crows like the fish crow.


anyway, back to basics: the crow is a large black bird, about 16-20 inches long. the feathers are slightly iridescent. their beaks and feet are also black.

they're opportunistic eaters who will eat basically whatever they can find, and around human populations can often be seen scavenging at the dump, at trash cans, eating litter, whatever.

both parents feed the young, and sometimes so do other crows, because helping is cool and crow society is neat. often seen in huge flocks, called murders.

i think that's about it for this edition of but please feel free to add on to this one if you have any fun crow stories or sightings you wanna share.

i'm going to try and find a fish crow tomorrow so i can post about them and the distinction!

just as a lil pseudo-preview, let's have a video of the american crow's call:
(this is also just a really fantastic close-up if you want a better look at some Crow Details! like the landing at 0:43!)

@aflightybroad I remember a research use to trap crows and release them found that crows would start dropping things on him and sounding arm whenever he was around. very clever little birds

@aflightybroad misread crows as cows at first and this was a very different toot.

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