today i saw a mourning dove!

remember how yesterday i saw a eurasian collared dove and got mad? today i saw the native dove they so closely remember, and i felt joy in my heart once again from looking at a bird.

the mourning dove is a sort of mousy grey with a paler, pinkish underbelly, black spots on the wings, and a thin black bill. their tails are pointed when closed.

these guys live all over the US, ranging up into canada and down into mexico, with a few wintering in central america! ->


these doves can be found both solitary and in flocks, and are most well-known and beloved for their slow mournful song.

here's an example:

there's over 450 million of them! they eat seeds, and live well in cities; they like open territory (so no swamps or thick forest generally).

they're also one of the most popular game birds in the US, which is wild 2 me. over 20 million are hunted a year? there are over 350 million of them anyway tho because they're Powerful.

this part isn't facts or anything: i really like mourning doves - everywhere i've lived has had a mourning dove population to one degree or another, and their call is really familiar and nostalgic to me. i love seeing them out and about; they're a common bird that i still really, really enjoy seeing. (honestly i think i like most common birds as well as all the rare weirdos i adore)

it can be nice seeing a familiar elegant friend flying or perching out in the world.

mourning doves, more like ... mourning ... loves? i don't know fuck it this ALSO gets the hashtag so you can search for it later (or, realistically, so i can)


We have tons of them here in Texas along with their close cousin the White-Winged Dove. Other slightly more distant cousins are the Rock Dove (commonly called "Pigeon") and the Inca Dove.

@Tau_Leonis white-winged doves apparently show up in this part of florida occasionally but i'm not sure i've ever seen one! (it's possible i've seen one from a distance and not realized, but ...)

i'm gonna end up doing a pigeon post soon enough, possibly tomorrow if i see one just to keep this dove train going haha.

inca dove sounds neat! none of them here, alas..!


Inca Doves are really neat, they aren't super common around here but I do see them.

They have what looks like a scale pattern on their back and you can see a flash of rusty orange when they flap their wings.

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