yesterday i saw a palm warbler!

out of all the birds i've posted so far, this is the hardest ID to make, and i'm still not 100% on it. warblers are deeply confusing birds, and countless articles have been written about how troublesome their ID is.

in any case, the palm warbler is a little songbird with yellowish-brown uppers, a pale whitish belly with light brown streaks, and yellow undertail coverts. a narrow bill, black legs and a lil stripe above the eye also help with ID.

but ... warblers

the other problem with these little bastards, among all other warblers, of which there are Way Too Many? they have several different colorways, just to make things even more bewildering.

i hate them with my life.

they're extremely cute, charming little birds who love to flit around in treetops; you'll rarely find them anywhere near the ground. this also makes ID hard because you're always seeing them in motion from below behind leaves/branches.


anyway, the yellow undertail coverts are the most reliable defining trait, so i guess keep an eye out for those and have hope in your heart that you've figured this bird out.

they winter mainly along the gulf coast and in the caribbean (+limited parts of central america) and spend the breedin' months up in canada.

so that's a bird i probably saw! maybe!

all the photos above are from the cornell lab of ornithology's collection.

never make me speak of warbler's again.

like I gave a description but some are bright yellow some have brown caps and it's all the same warbler and there are dozens of other extremely similar warblers aaahhh

what is a warbler? a miserable pile of bird secrets, but i identified this one, probably?

@aflightybroad also a thing I find very frustrating about birding is that you never KNOW if you get it right, like, you don't get a "ding ding ding!", and I need that, there are too many fucking small yellowish round birds

@Pixley oh jeez sparrows are a nightmare for this too.. some birds are cool and easy but some just.. wew lad..

@aflightybroad ah yes, it's a...........small......brown, uhhhhhh bird

@aflightybroad I know you don't like these birbs but look at their majestic colors

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