RT @sailorsocialist@twitter.com: Helping adults learn to not call the police with an image commonly used for kindergartners is incredibly my brand

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@rachelmack My neighborhood's NextDoor is full of people reporting "suspicious persons" and encouraging people to call the constable's office "if they're concerned at all." It's pretty dumb. The last "suspicious person" I saw people talking about was someone riding his bike (in daylight) and "looking at houses." The post included a blurry photo.

People, man.

@Robby @rachelmack nextdoor is such an absolute bizarre nightmare. mine gets people really mad about the existence of homeless people nearby. someone posted about her 20 year old daughter getting approached by this gentle old lady w no teeth and being So Scared and it was just???? she was all "should I call the cops. she shouldn't be allowed outside." when this lady legit did nothing but talk to her kid.

@aflightybroad @rachelmack Ugh, yeah I mostly use NextDoor to check on if, like, the power is out everywhere. The community itself is kinda... problematic. A bunch of privileged terrified white folks.

Funny you should mention complaining about homeless people, someone in the thread about the bike rider I mentioned claimed that he recognized the rider as a local homeless person who he knew to be a nice guy. That didn't seem to make anyone else feel any better.


@Robby @rachelmack everyone in the like two mile radius or whatever is so scared and mad all the time and it's very weird. whenever someone swings in to say "hey this is fine relax" people get mad bc how could they be so HEARTLESS what about SAFETY AND SECURITY.. WHAT IF AN HOMELESS TALKED TO YOU... and it's just like nah dude all the homeless people here are pretty chill but that makes them mad again.

@Robby @rachelmack like I mostly use it to look for shit for sale or free, lost pets, and updates from city government since the city posts regular updates on how dead the fish are today

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