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if youev ever watned to understand the beans mindset just let this play for its full length

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@larrydavis @Red @pbandkate why can’t people just write fan fiction like their ancestors have done for thousands of years.

two things:
why does the godzilla trailer have a cover of somewhere over the rainbow

why did the pikachu movie make me watch the sonic trailer

folks I did it and also learned there are three dee movies with motion chairs

I may go see it again next week and sit in a damn motion chair

uh is there some Firefox plugin that will let me change what typeface an arbitrary website uses? I'd like to use a bigger font without changing the layout in other ways (which is what happens if you try just..naively scaling)

does anyone have any resources on how to go about collectivizing a shop? thanks

Looking for instance recommendations. I’m chill, enjoy memes and puns, am a leftist but not looking for an extremely political instance. Responsible mods and admins.

Boosts welcome.

#AskMastodon #AskMasto #advice #help

Detective Pikachu? No thanks, I'm holding our for Inspector Eevee.

Anyone have experience or advice in soft-modding PS3s? I have a slim (not super slim) that should be able to play PS2 games. I’ve successfully installed Rebug CFW (4.82), got cobra enabled, but I think I’m missing a step somewhere.. It locks up the system on a black screen and I need a hard reboot when I try to launch an ISO or “PS2 Classic”..

Pretty sure I need to fix the PS2 game launcher? I’m not sure what I did initially, but it was working at one point and now it’s not (after a firmware upgrade). I’m sure it’s something simple I’m forgetting..

a classic romance between a communist and his stunt double

my brain is absolutely soaking wet. drenched in fluids.

our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

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