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if youev ever watned to understand the beans mindset just let this play for its full length

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gelchair, devised and designed for you to wear all white in. i've just popped an aphex twin b-side into the tape deck. two heavy PSP's hang from your ears

Today I finally met my coworker's pet pig, Tinkerbell. She's friendly and curious but her bristles are so not soft and she didn't seem to care much for my scritches. Still cool though!

#Pigs one-upping the #CatsOfMastodon (I love my kitties but they are mundane)

somebody: back that ass up!
me: [waddling slowly backwards] beep... beep... beep...

I am reading a Goop article about "9 hotels to heal and reset" and I cannot explain the faces I am making

you ever get so Galaxy-Brained that you try to both-sides two *literally antithetical* character archetypes

pokemon gogurt to the polls.. haha. still got it


your blood, your bones, your voice, and your ghost :yell:

oh hell yeah early shalach manot.. I didn't sleep but at least I get snacks

Becomin the worldwide representative of Party Town at the United Nations

almost went "wait what" at a post that contained something new and upsetting to me then realized no, i am safer without this infecting my brain, so i did not post .. growing as a person in my exhaustion

I'm Sick And I Got Like Five Hours Of Sleep And Still Have To Go To Work AMA

a dog started barking because of how loud he was being and he started shouting back apologizing to the dog but how he lives in this neighborhood and has been here longer (than the dog)

anyway i woke up early today because a man was wandering the alley singing "danger zone" with the word "danger" replaced by "crazy"

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