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ももつきゆきや / yukiyalien
本垢は :mastodon: @Yukiya です。

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Yukiya Momotsuki / yukiyalien
I'm Japanese.
My English may be wrong something. Since I try to understand English, please feel free to talk to me.
Main account: :mastodon: @Yukiya


:discord: yukiyalien#7365


Here are a lot of nipples Show more


"We will soon make a brief stop at Yakuendai. The doors on the left side will open."

"This train is bound for Keisei-Tsudanuma.
The next station is Yakuendai."

i should get up, but my dog is so soft and cuddly and my bed is so cozy ...


ああそっかclass="SERVICE btn"とかにしてボタン全体は.btn{}、各種色指定は.SERVICE.btn{}でやればよかったのかな(適当)


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