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@realmaxkeeble I’m sorry for not reading your post but I’m just irate that you would make Maryland a part of the DC hellstate

@Beauford_Hammersham really enjoying watching that show fall apart, I told all you nerds it sucked!

@noelle would love to take your German Shepard but alas I don’t have the money to treat it the way it should be. Should I put out feelers or has this been resolved?

@realmaxkeeble So I’ve been going to private schools all my life and dare I say it’s important to have these institutions carrying on knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Like how are you gonna convince a school board to teach Classical Latin to 15 year olds?

@realmaxkeeble yes but only for design people getting technical knowledge, I have no interest in your “creativity”

Should I be angry at my father for trying to trick me into therapy?

@naturefan very strange that we came back simultaneously. I must consult my crystal

The trending section of the mastodon app I use should really be renamed “remind yourself why you left twitter”

Like Jesus shit guys do we really need to be politicking before lunch?

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@NeoAJ the fact that someone complains about this shows that I’ll never truly understand the human condition

So it turns out my entire family thinks I’ve got ADD. Thanks guys.

@fox eh, what’s the worst that could happen?

@NeoAJ the reply followed by blocking is the official move of cowards.

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