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In the past few months, trouble in Knzk.me has occurred continuously, but I pray for this to be the last one😭

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The problem that occurred in Knzk.me was solved by this.

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Good morning, read my thing. I'm going to boost repeatedly until you do, might as well get it over with

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At day 2 of entrepreneurship conference gonna thread my observations. Love you guys, you're not gonna like it.

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oh jeez, rick! y-y-y-you got banned from twitter again? why not try PLUMBUSDON?

- create an account as a rick or a morty, or even a summer, jerry, beth, or meseeks! with hilarious defaults like cowboy morty or the classic pickle rick, you can't go wrong! (mr. poopy butthole coming soon!)
- rick and morty forever a hundred years! even if one universe goes down, the rest of them will still be there! you can even use interdimensional cable to view posts from other universes!
- a-a-a-automatically add stutter or *BUURP*s to your messages!
- have you been banned? you can try "getting schwifty" to see if the council of rick admins will unban you!

let's get riggedy-riggedy-wreeeecked! squanch an account today!

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you are a SOCIAL NETWORK USER. you're tired of ADS and CENTRALISED SERVERS, so you grab your ARMS and sign up to SBURBIDON, the first FEDERATED HOMESTUCK SOFTWARE.

>> You: Read more.

- sburbidon allows you to use video, text, and image sylladexes to post all sorts of interesting new content! you can use the lathe to combine posts with unexpected effects, or just post your own content.
- we warned you about those trolls, bro! we told you dog! are trolls (and we don't mean the species) getting you down? did you see something that made you go BLUH!? use the BANHAMMERKIND STRIFE SYLLADEX to get rid of them and collect grist! remember, though: bans only work if they're JUST or HEROIC.
- you can also collect grist by posting and getting boosts and faves!
- purchase boondollars to rocket your posts to the top!
- choose your classpect, species, and hemospectrum info to gain unique posting powers! (you can even set these to private to avoid hemophobes!)
- built-in support for your quirks! even you, doc scratch!
- there are multiple instances, from LAND OF DEFAULT AND DOT SOCIAL to LAND OF RADICAL AND TOWN and even LAND OF BOFA AND LOL!
- use pesterchum (or trollian) to chat with friends!

so grab your apple juice (?) and log on in! its R--E--ELY FUN!

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I hate that damn cortical homunculus

Rattling my testicles against the jail cell bars as I serve my sentence.

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The part in Desperado where guns pop out of his sleeve except it’s me and they’re not guns they’re iced coffees.

What's up everyone ya boy at another entrepreneur event

Roll Up the Rim to Win is back at Tim Horton's for a limited time.

Folks, im very cold and very sick today.

Canada: Hewwo USA, dis is fow u 💕

Usa: YAaaay!

*Canada gibs Justin Beiber*

Canada: no take baks trolololo

Usa: Oh noooooes!

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