I hope the guy I just ordered take-out sushi from doesn't notice the bag of take-out sushi from a different place sticking out of my bag

A real house must have so many mirrors
Should you look around and find your home has too few mirrors
That's troublesome

Your dog looks like my dog
They must meet so we can do a canine reenactment of the Prince and the pauper

So far my insight into being 30 is doing shrooms, climbing a tree and listening to the blue planet soundtrack

I don't think it's too much to ask for small creatures to bring me things of great value while I sleep and deposit them in the pockets of my clothes

If you put enough cash through my front door I'll stand at the kitchen window and eat gravel for 6 minutes

Contrary to popular belief
I have never been good and never intend to be
Anyone who says otherwise is not to be trusted


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