I'm begging you please read anything about socialism I'm losing my mind reading this

We all say dumb shit sometimes so I blocked out the name but I really got to stop looking at tumblr at all

@matt less than 6 months ago you said ducks cant run

@matt I refuse to acknowledge this argument

@Tasnyx not even gonna attempt a logical fallacy. I feel my logic victory shall be short but sweet.

@matt the thing about having an argument with you is that even when I win I lose so I'm opting out altogether. A true genius steps away from the board

@Tasnyx the problem is I just love arguing so I can't lose

@matt i commend you for refusing defeat to the very end

@radicalrobit @Tasnyx when the Indian runner duck gets up a head of steam it sure can waddle fast

@matt @Tasnyx they're literally called the runner duck you anglo fuck

@Tasnyx @radicalrobit hmm a different duck, specifically calling out that it can run. almost as if it is abnormal? What does this suggest about the common duck...

@matt @radicalrobit your original point has been proven wrong, you simply said ducks can not run, there are ducks that can run, take the L and go roam out into the outback for your attempt to Betray Logic and Reason

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