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many of you are little freaks and if i saw you in real life i would be forced to dispatch you with brutal marksmanship

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hmm while i have you all here, i am in the process of writing another game so i will link my most recent one, if you have money buy it thanks
(trying to figure out a place to make an alt on where i can post about this stuff without constantly shitting up the timeline but dont have one yet)

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Sorry we haven't talked in months i'm too busy
Becoming adult illiterate
Trying to be an honorary sungazer even though they kicked me off the forums for talking about 9/11 too many times
Praying for God to finally grant me the natural death I have earned
Getting really into wooden bowls and great depression era clocks

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emotionally i'm one of those gorillas at the zoo that keeps slamming his massive and terrible body against the thick glass trying to get out.

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Waking up in a cold sweat because I don't know the Del Taco brand's opinions on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

despite all my rage i am still just a bird in a cage
- :herman:

banning brooko from the computer after the doll posting

Welcome to my garage:
King Crimson is playing out of a water damaged subwoofer
Sometimes you can hear dogs screaming far off in the distance
You can say most swear words as long as it isnt past midnight
I have a switch and 2 controllers but the only game i have is a modified version of dkc tropical freeze where you play as Heathcliff and Marmaduke
if you take a whiff out of the mystery jar you get 5 dollars (mystery: it's piss)
my brother's friend Derek will teach you counterfeiting

one time i talked to a guy at the burger king near my house about dragon ball z and now we have a solemn vow in which sometimes he gives me a size larger drink than i ordered when im going there to have a depression lunch

pinning this one to the profile because it always fits

if i get bad enough ibs sometime that i almost die i think that's gonna be my break through moment as a writer

devilman shows that pain creates art because go nagai almost died shitting himself and then made devilman.

thinking about how devilman crybaby is a perfect show, thanks not taking counter-opinions!

coming up with names for fictional people is easy, just think of phrases and names you've seen before, do the visualization jumble from danganronpa in your head and now you are a creative brain genius

many of you are little freaks and if i saw you in real life i would be forced to dispatch you with brutal marksmanship

whenever i read "diagon alley" my brain changes it to "dianoga alley" because, one, dianogas kick ass, and two, it wants to remove the dipshit pun

the mandalorian sounds good on paper because i like eu star wars but then you remember jon favreau is writing it and then i get significantly stressed out thinking about it

going to start doing corporate comedian gigs because every person in silicon valley has ibs and i plan on catering to their comedic needs.

i like to curttail a funny post with a take people disagree with so they have to boost it anyways

constantly hallucinating shitting my pants to the point i dont remember the last time it happened, it's like inception but good

if you try to explain shit to me online you are going on my Shit List

mewtwo is thick as shit (sorry for this post i've had 3 beers)

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