I have moved (sadly) to rad town. The Daibutsu and I hope to see all of you there.

Please re-follow if you follow me at knzk.

The Daibutsu reminds you that there are many meditation channels for the lazy novitiate. He does not recommend any of them because the best way to mindfulness is to meditate on the inherent no self within any human body, but if that feels too dificult ...


@pikachu @sweetmercury Guy deserved to have a glass of red wine accidentally spilled onto his face. Just sayin ...

@sweetmercury Man, what an ass. Go big or go bigger i you're breaking a fucking rule against tipping.

@pikachu @sweetmercury True custome story. Drunk guy in cowboy hat walks into a pizza place. Demands pizza with lots of hot red pepper cuz he's from Tex-ass. Old Italian owner dumps entire bottle of red pepper on his order. He takes one bite, gags and runs out of place. Staff applaud wildly. The end.

@LuigiEsq @chillallmen Actual wine review of 19 Crimes:

"Vibrant red and maroon hues extend from the core of the glass. Sweet vanilla and chocolate aromas are supported by fresh and juicy red berry fruits. Full of flavor, luscious and rich fruit is balanced by layers of vanilla oak. Finishing round and soft with an appeal. ..."

Followed by a lot of filler about some Australian bastid named John Boyle O'Reilly, blah, blah blah

Old content? Hmmm. I don't have time to dig through boxes of stuff I saved decades ago because why not ...

Oh wait, this means something different, doesn't it?

Never mind.

@vegetablegremlin I can't stop seeing an image of Stein in a white dinner jacket going up to a woman and saying, It's Stein, Ben Stein, as she ignores him to talk to the furry on her other side at the bar.

The cool think about black holes is that once you pass the event horizon time doesn't exist.

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