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The Daibutsu reminds you that practice makes perfect only if you practice something of value.

Like being good to one another for starters.

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The Daibutsu:

I have a dream that one day we shall toot in an instance where those toots will not be judged by the characters of our content but by the content of our characters.

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it's really a slow, continual process for me to be proud of my gender identity and sexuality and i appreciate everyone here's help and support in that

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lost a bit of income on patreon over the last couple of months, which sucks, even if it was a small amount overall.

please, consider becoming my patron is you like my work. it's cheaper than commissioning me and you can see basically ALL the art i do, including and not limited to my comic. plus you'll be helping a self-taught, independent artist not have to rely on wage slavery quite so much. :doge: :commie:

:patreon: :patreon:

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You want to find God.

Forget religion.

Take LSD.

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The Daibutsu would just like to remind Christian apologists that this is not the best of all possible worlds.

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On disability and unintended, dehumanizing ableism behind some common compliments and advice.

I am not here to inspire you.

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my professors, mentors, and various school faculty irl: essentially do not give legal advice under any circumstances, it's a flagrant ethics violation, don't do it

me (online): yeah so i'm basically a lawyer, so to answer your question

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For the record, the Daisutsu does not talk to the FBI, at least not that he knows about.

He does have friends in the Secret Service however ...

The Daibutsu returns after months (or was it years) in deep and soulful reflection on the lack of mindfulness in the world.

Looks around fediverse.

Back to meditating ...

The Daibutsu reminds you to me nice to one another her.

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Why were you taking teenage boys to a political march aimed at eliminating the rights of women to control their own bodies in the first place? #CovingtonCatholic


I asked the Daibutsu what should I do since I feel like crap with this flu.

He said I should go watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

He was right as usual. It helped me ignore how bad I felt.

Great Movie List - abridged
Dog Day Afternoon
Wizard of Oz
Tokyo Story
History of Violence
Red Desert
Paris, Texas
The Decalogue
Jackie Brown
The Devil's Backbone
Woman in the Dunes
The Maltese Falcon
Hiroshima Mon Amour
La Dolce Vita
2001 A Space Odyssey
Mulholland Drive
Straight Outta Compton
Citizen X
Dark City
Double Indemnity
Thelma and Louise
Dead Man
Lawrence of Arabia
Some Like It Hot
The Princess Bride
The Tree of Life

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faving eves birthday posts instead of boosting them to prove that i am in fact immune to propaganda

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