I should get a tattoo of the W H A T weather vane on the Mystery Shack

Smash Ultimate is the most pre-ordered game in the series ever but people are still kissing up to Nintendo over leaks.

remember when a couple banks invented so much money for themselves that the global economy exploded, and then how liberal politicians handed them billions of dollars as a reward, which got funneled to like 5 tech companies who now run the planet? in hindsight that maybe was a bad idea

Reporting sex workers to the IRS is institutional violence against women.

Amazing how they suddenly care about tax revenues when they can use it as a tool to abuse women and not when billionaires are avoiding paying their fair share.

It's like when white folk report people of colour to ICE.

It's never about upholding the law like they claim but about utilising the apparatus of the state to abuse marginalised communities.

the communist manifesto was the first version of we live in a society

im in a buffalo wild wings and I'm about to raze this place to the ground with an unironic "yay sportsball"

lmao @ the tranquil zen chud, just clearing his mind of all distractions so he can hone his malignant racism to a razor's edge

howard zinn's you can't be neutral on a moving milk hotel

from birdsite, lewd Gritty, but OMG SO RIGHT FOR MASTODON 

(to the tune of the hotpockets jingle)

🎢 popsockets 🎢

There's a bat in my wall and it hates retro synthwave

the whole thing about north korea being a backwoods, starving nation comes from the US intentionally destabilizing north korea's economy after the soviet union collapsed, taking advantage of floods and drought to starve north korea. they wouldn't let NK import oil to run their tractors, and pulled schemes to trade small amounts of food for cow tails--which was a plot to make the cows unusable as farm labor and cause further famine

this is what an american air force general had to say about them, from there, bombing north korea's infastructure to make things even worse


WHEW, this guy.

1) The literary scene isn't particularly far left.

2) I'd bet a lot of money the critique he got was on "male gaze," NOT on male voice. Men are doing JUST fine as writers right now. Women are having a moment, but men are getting deals.

I dont delete my accounts.

I "prestige"

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