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lookin for people to play smash ult w/ DM me if you wanna know my FC and Discord (I prefer to call while playin if that's okay!)

you've heard of elf on a shelf now get ready for crippling debt

stay in your lane! they scream at me, while i'm jamming out to inital D, too loud to pay attention to the stroller I just hit with my hyundai

dubstep will never die!!!! i yell into the voice chat as I reincharge directly off the payload and directly into the nearest reaper

the this destruction part has to do with the death of tumblr's porn fyi

this destruction of sex work content is spurned on in part by the sanction of leftists who are puritanical wrt NSFW content, this extends to Anti attitudes.

Ya'll are the ones whomst are the motherfuckers

Just gonna drop this here and leave the discourse to fester.

Damn, I've been away from this site for ages. I've missed the constant validation and nice atmosphere.

Who wants to see some artwork I've been doing during my social media break?

all this time the people saying that smash isn't a fighting game have been right.

it turns out that smash is just a kirby sequel

transphobe: i shidded n farded n camed in my pants
gets $50M on gofundme

transperson: if I don't get 1 penny i'm gonna die

fuck terfs and fuck terf apologists. get the fuck off of this site. nobody here wants anything to do with you.

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