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I'm the android sent by cyberlife, the cyber sex company

The phone makes a noise at 7:30am to tell me about weather. I appreciate the effort

Lol bro, that vacant house got owned by a fellow of ill morals before it was left for 10 years to accrue value. Pure pwnage (of the tenant class)

Epic bacon! WTFLOLBBQ! Let's party like it's 2004

Mona is a motherfucker and he can go to hell with all this Lady Ann shit

I ponder again what it must be like to feel part of a community and want to remain as such

Chainmale sounds like he's saying "Frake" out in the song Freakout. Were I Australian, I would also write and record a song about star of stage and screen Jonathan Frakes

feel like going to Italy and sitting in the restaurants and eating my own nutrient paste and drinking Huel and really not enjoying it

I was recently exposed to the worst Gamer shirt (you know the one if you know the one) and I really love that they could have fit “great” but just stuck with “good”

It turns out to be exactly the same as the normal Game of Thrones. Oooh, blimey

"It seems the Game of Thrones, makes gamers of us all…"
– Tyrion Lannister

Lacing my coffee with profanity this afternoon. Don't tell me to go to hell, I was born there. I'm a gamer, I have many lives

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