If Invader Zim had been an anime for boys between the ages of 12 and 18, we could have called its creator Shōnen Vazquez.

I can't get over this new avi weeg. I don't even know what ur toots say anymore, I just keep staring at that face and wondering how much longer till you become a furry.

@Lumb I Will Never Become A Furry (and will probably go back to Luigi once I get tired of this anime avi)

Luigi 2018: I don't get anime avis

Luigi 2019: Wow this anime avi is hot but I'll never be a furry

Luigi 2020: My vision is perfect!


@Lumb @LuigiEsq

By the time you say "I will never become a furry" it's too late.

@Roxxie_Riot @Lumb many people see anime avis as a transitional phase from normiedom to having a fursona, much as Marx theorized capitalism is merely a stepping-stone from monarchism to socialism, but I have long held the belief that these are dualistic and, nay, diametrically opposed paths of development, for you see,

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